Transfer Pricing Services in Dubai

Transfer Pricing Services in Dubai

Transfer Pricing Services 

Transfer Pricing Services in Dubai: Dubai is a key place for multinational companies. It has to deal with complex tax issues because of worldwide economies merging.  On June 1st, 2023, corporate taxes will start in the UAE. They plan to add transfer pricing (TP) regulations too. This is to control how related parties trade with each other.

MNEs who do business across borders must follow TP rules in different places. They have to look at what each country’s laws say. But, they also need to follow overall TP policies around the world.2 In Dubai, there are consulting services specific to transfer pricing. They guide companies through the UAE’s TP system. This helps businesses use taxes wisely and lower risks with the help of experts.

Transfer Pricing Services in Dubai – Key Takeaways
The UAE has introduced corporate tax and proposed transfer pricing provisions to regulate related party transactions
Transfer pricing consulting services in Dubai help MNEs navigate the new TP regime, optimize tax efficiency, and mitigate risks
Expert guidance and comprehensive support are crucial for businesses to comply with UAE's transfer pricing rules
Transfer pricing consulting services encompass advisory, documentation, compliance, and dispute resolution
Tax support

Introduction to Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing is about the prices of goods and services between parts of a big company. It’s vital for how these companies spread out their earnings for taxes. The OECD has rules that say these prices should act like deals between people who don’t know each other (the arm’s length principle). This helps companies avoid getting taxed twice and play by the rules while finding good tax strategies worldwide.

Definition of Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing sets the costs for moving goods, services, or ideas inside a multinational business. Doing this right is key for an MNE’s financial planning and making sure all tax rules are met. It influences how profits are spread out across the company’s different places.

Importance of Transfer Pricing for Multinational Enterprises

Getting transfer pricing right means MNEs dodge extra taxes and stay legal while they work on their tax strategies globally. They use different methods, like the CUP Method, to make sure their prices are fair and market-based. This way, MNEs can prove they are playing by the rules and not invite trouble from tax offices.

Transfer Pricing MethodsDescription
Comparable Uncontrolled Price (CUP) MethodIt checks prices of what’s sold inside the company versus outside to see if they match.
Resale Price MethodFigures out a fair price by taking away a reasonable profit margin from what’s sold outside the company.
Cost-Plus MethodDefines a fair price by adding a reasonable mark-up on costs to what’s sold outside the company.
Transactional Net Margin Method (TNMM)It looks at the profit margin to see how good the deal was for the company, based on different things like costs or sales.
Transactional Profit Split MethodDecides how to divide profits like independent companies would if they worked together.

Transfer Pricing in the UAE

Starting June 1st, 2023, the UAE has a new corporate tax law with detailed transfer pricing rules.  These rules follow the OECD’s guidelines and cover all deals between related parties, no matter where they operate. This includes transactions in the UAE and internationally, involving both residents and non-residents, plus operations in Free Zones.  To stay out of trouble with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA), businesses in the UAE must make sure they follow the rules about pricing and the documentation needed.

UAE Corporate Tax Law and Transfer Pricing Provisions

Since June 1st, 2023, the UAE’s new tax law has been in effect. It includes guidelines on transfer pricing that are in line with the OECD’s rules. The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) put out a guide called the TP Guide on October 23, 2023. It explains when one person might control another according to the rules about transfer pricing. Also, the UAE has made deals with other countries to prevent companies from being taxed twice, helping business with global reach.

Applicability of Transfer Pricing Rules

These new transfer pricing rules in the UAE apply to all transactions between related parties and connected persons. This is true for deals inside the country and those with entities outside, including Free Zones. In figuring out what’s fair, the TP Guide says to look at the real business relationship more than just what a contract says. It’s important for companies working in the UAE to meet these rules, about pricing and keeping the right records, to dodge problems with the FTA.

Transfer Pricing Consulting Services in Dubai

In Dubai, transfer pricing experts help businesses pick the right method for their situation. They look at things like the type of transaction, if good data is available, and comparing deals. The OECD recognizes five methods, including the CUP method and Cost Plus method. These experts also offer advice to understand and meet the UAE’s rules on transfer pricing and paperwork. This helps businesses stay in line with local laws.

Transfer Pricing Method Selection

Choosing the best transfer pricing method can help Dubai’s businesses lower their tax bill and stick to fair market prices. Experts here know how to pick the right method for each company, taking into account their unique situation and comparing data.

UAE Transfer Pricing Rule Advisory

Starting June 1st, 2023, the UAE will follow new corporate tax laws that match the OECD’s guidelines on transfer pricing. Professionals in Dubai are ready to give advice. They help companies understand and follow the UAE’s rules, no matter if the businesses are local or international.

Transfer Pricing Documentation Services

TP Documentation – Having the right paperwork is key for Dubai’s companies to show their prices are fair. This can help avoid disagreements with the FTA. Dubai’s advisory firms can help with all the needed documents, including local and global reports. They also offer help if there are questions from the FTA, and can prepare responses for the businesses.

With advice from Dubai’s transfer pricing consultants, companies can work through the UAE’s rules on pricing and taxes. This means they can manage their tax situation better and keep up with changing rules.

Transfer Pricing Compliance and Reporting

Saif Chartered Accountants in Dubai & Abu Dhabi help businesses file transfer pricing disclosures correctly with the FTA. They assist in making detailed reports, answering tax authorities, and aiding in audits.

This service ensures companies have the right documentation for their transactions. It helps them prove they are following the law and avoid problems with tax authorities.

Preparation of Transfer Pricing Reports

Advisors in Dubai aid in creating detailed reports that meet UAE’s rules. These reports have transaction analyses and economic studies to show fairness.

This detailed documentation aids in dealing with tax authorities’ questions. It lessens the chance of facing tax adjustments or disputes.

Transfer Pricing services in Dubai

In Dubai, transfer pricing consultants, such as Saif Chartered Accountants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, assist large companies in obtaining Advance Pricing Agreements (APAs) from UAE tax authorities. This process is governed by Article 59 of the UAE Corporate Tax Federal Decree Law. An APA is a special agreement that establishes how prices are set for a specific period, ensuring there are no disputes over taxes or instances of double taxation. Securing an APA leads to reduced tax concerns, lower costs, and the avoidance of significant tax conflicts. 

Advance Pricing Agreements (APA) Assistance

Need help with APAs in Dubai? These consultants can guide you. APAs are about setting clear prices for a while. This stops tax battles and double taxes.

Benefits of APAs for Multinational Enterprises

Having an APA brings good things for big firms. They get more tax sureness, spend less on rules, and skip long tax fights. APAs also make sure there’s no fighting over prices for companies working across borders in the UAE.

The UAE has introduced corporate tax, starting from June 1st, 2023. This move has made transfer pricing key for global companies in Dubai and the UAE. To stay clear of problems with the law, businesses need to follow the UAE’s strict transfer pricing rules. They also must keep detailed documents. Getting help from transfer pricing experts in Dubai is a smart move. They can assist in choosing the best methods. This helps companies pay the right amount of tax and stay in line with the law. It also reduces risks when dealing with other parts of the same company.,

In Dubai, there are many firms that specialize in transfer pricing. They offer help in all areas, from initial plans to sorting out arguments and training your team. This support is vital for multinational companies. It helps them meet the changing rules on how they price goods and services internally., Making sure you stick to the transfer pricing rules is crucial. It avoids legal trouble and ensures taxes are paid fairly. It’s advised to work with tax experts who understand the specific tax laws in the UAE.

The UAE is quickly becoming a top spot for global businesses. This makes having good transfer pricing plans and following the rules extremely important. With the help of skilled advisors in Dubai, companies can improve how they handle taxes. This way, they can lower risks and do well under the new tax system.


What is transfer pricing and why is it important for multinational enterprises (MNEs)?
Transfer pricing is how MNEs set prices for goods and services within their own group. It's vital for them to fairly share profits among entities. This method helps MNEs pay taxes right, avoid being taxed twice, and meet laws while making the most of their tax situation.
How does the UAE's new corporate tax law impact transfer pricing?
The UAE's fresh corporate tax law, starting June 1st, 2023, has brought in detailed transfer pricing rules. They are based on the OECD guidelines and cover all deals between related parties and connected persons. This includes transactions within the UAE and those involving Free Zone Entities.
What are the key services provided by transfer pricing consultants in Dubai?
In Dubai, transfer pricing experts help companies pick the right method. They offer advice to cope with local rules and make needed reports. They're also there during audits to support businesses.
How can transfer pricing consulting services help businesses optimize their tax position in the UAE?
Consultants in Dubai design strategies that fit a company's goals and follow the rules. These can lessen taxes, better manage cash, and ensure the pricing model matches the business's plans and chains globally.
What are the benefits of engaging transfer pricing consultants in Dubai?
Working with these consultants in Dubai brings many upsides. They know the rules well, help with compliance, and cut the risks of penalties or being taxed again.
What are the best practices for maintaining transfer pricing documentation in Dubai?
Good record-keeping is key in Dubai. Consultants can help with solid processes. They ensure all transactions with related parties are well-documented with needed details.
What are the key challenges and trends in the transfer pricing landscape in Dubai and the UAE?
Dubai and the UAE are facing more oversight due to new tax rules. They're also keeping up with digital changes. This means adapting strategies and record-keeping to comply is crucial.
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