Internal Audit

Internal auditing is conducted by experts possessing comprehensive insights into the company’s culture, systems, and procedures. This internal audit function ensures that the existing internal controls effectively mitigate risks, that governance processes function efficiently, and that organizational objectives are achieved.

  1. To gain understanding of the client’s accounting system, policies, and internal control procedures.
  2. To assess the level of trust to be placed on internal controls.
  3. To plan the scope, timing, and depth of audit procedures.
  4. To organize and synchronize audit activities.

As a guiding principle, our commitment is to gather adequate and relevant audit evidence through compliance and substantive procedures. This ensures that we can derive reasonable conclusions to form our opinion on the financial information.

As a fundamental aspect of our approach, we are dedicated to acquiring ample and relevant audit evidence by executing compliance and substantive procedures. This enables us to derive sound conclusions upon which to base our opinion on the financial information.

  1. tests of details of transactions and balances;
  2. analysis of significant ratios and trends including the resulting enquiry of unusual fluctuations and items.

Assessing Risk Exposures Across Governance, Operations, and Information Systems: Internal Auditing Activities

Effectiveness and efficiency of operations
Reliability and integrity of financial and operational information
Safeguarding of assets
Compliance with laws, regulations and contracts
Tax support

At Saif Chartered Accountants, we support our clients by offering recommendations for enhancement in areas where opportunities or shortcomings are pinpointed. While management bears responsibility for internal controls, our internal audit services offer assurance to management that these controls are indeed effective and functioning as intended. An effective internal audit function serves as a valuable asset for management, and the impartiality, expertise, and insight of skilled internal auditors can substantially enhance an organization’s internal controls, risk management, and governance processes.

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