Year: 2020

UAE Real Estate Management Entities – Accounting for VAT
UAE Real Estate Management Entities – Accounting for VAT VAT Public Clarification: Dubai Owners’ Associations and Management Entities On 3 November 2019, all rights and obligations of Dubai Owners’ Associations were transferred to Management Entities, which resulted in Dubai Owners’ Associations no longer making taxable supplies. Dubai Owners’ Associations were,…
ESRFilingDeadline November 5, 2020
ESR Filing Deadline
ESR (Economic Substance Regulations) Filing Deadline Economic Substance Regulations Update: Notice issued by Ministry of Finance regarding ESR Filing Requirement and Deadline: The Ministry of Finance has issued notice which is intended to provide guidance to entities undertaking one or more Relevant Activities that are required to submit a Notification…
Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) Declaration
Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) Declaration: On 24 August 2020, the UAE Cabinet published Cabinet Decision No. 58/2020 on the Regulation of Procedures Related to Real Beneficiaries. The Resolution introduces new requirements for entities to disclose its beneficial owners which is intended to enhance transparency of the UAE registered entities. These requirements help…
Clarifications on VAT Registration of Sole Establishments
Clarifications on VAT Registration of Sole Establishments: FTA releases Public Clarification on VAT registration of Sole Establishments. A natural person may own a number of sole establishments and there has been uncertainty on VAT registration of these establishments. The Federal Tax Authority, UAE, has released a new public clarification ‘VATP021’…

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